“I am so pleased with my result from electrolysis. There is very little discomfort, even in the most sensitive areas. The staff at Londonderry Electrolysis are professional, the office is pleasant, and the results are permanent.”

Cheryl S., Londonderry, NH

“Money well spent with no regrets. I would definitely do it again.”


“The staff is courteous, knowledgeable and professional. The center is spotless. What a painless, clean and permanent way to remove unwanted hair!!”


“I was referred to Londonderry Electrolysis by a good friend. The professional yet friendly atmosphere put me completely at ease and I enjoy my time spent there. The results have been amazing and my appearance has improved dramatically! I absolutely love it! Many thanks!”

Debi E.

“I am a true advocate of electrolysis because it does work for permanent hair removal. It can be a lengthy process compared to laser hair removal, which I did try for quicker results. The hair returned and so did I to electrolysis. The treatments are safe, sterile, and the staff is very personable. I am a brunette with more than my share of dark facial and body hair that has bothered me for years. With the treatments I have received, the hair is gone forever and I feel so much better about myself. What a great way to spend your hard earned money if it can enhance your self image!”

Cheryl R., Derry, NH

“Not knowing I would become addicted to electrolysis, I started out with my back. I moved onto my triceps, neck and select facial hair for a cleaner appearance. Electrolysis has made me feel better about myself. “

John D.

“I have tried different methods of hair removal including laser, but there is not a method out there that beats electrolysis.”


“After hesitating for many years, I was pleasantly surprised to find that not only are electrolysis treatments palatable, I find it amazing that I will never have to deal with facial hair for the rest of my life. Londonderry Electrolysis’ staff is professional and the office is beautiful. To my amazement, my treatments have become a relaxing part of my beauty routine. “

A.M.M., Windham, NH