Before Your electrolysis

It is very important to never pluck or wax any hairs on the area that is being treated with electrolysis. It is acceptable to cut or shave the hairs in between treatments.

The hair must be at least 1/8 inch in length for your appointment. It needs to be long enough to grab with tweezers.

The area that will be treated should be clean and free of makeup, deodorant, moisturizer etc. when you arrive for your appointment.

Do not use retinol or glycolic acid for at least 24 hours prior to treatment.

Staying well hydrated and moisturized will help with the treatments.

Try to avoid caffeine and alcohol the day of the treatment. It can make it less comfortable.

If you are someone who normally takes Tylenol, you might want to take a dose 30 minutes before your appointment to minimize discomfort.

I encourage everyone to first try electrolysis without a numbing agent. However, if you think you need it, I do have it available. It requires at least 15 minutes to become effective.

For about 24 hours

after Your electrolysis

Your skin will be red after the treatment and might feel irritated. You may want to apply ice afterward.

It is important to keep the skin clean with witch hazel or a gentle skin cleanser. Apply antibiotic cream or aloe to the area.

Avoid touching, picking at, applying make-up, and exfoliating the area. Treat the skin gently.

Do not get a suntan or sunburn for at least 2 days after a treatment.