About lisa

After graduating from The Electrology Institute of New England in Tewksbury MA, I happily spent the first 19 years of my career in Londonderry NH. I loved Londonderry. It’s where I grew up. The people there are wonderful. I probably would have stayed there forever. However, in March of 2020 the world changed. I decided to close the office and stay home to take care of my family. I’m happy I was able to do that.

Now, I’m on to the next chapter of my career. I am absolutely thrilled to join the amazing people at Under Your Skin Massage and Bodywork in Hooksett NH. They offer a variety of massage and aesthetic services in addition to electrolysis. As a resident of Hooksett myself, I love meeting and working with the people in my own community.

I have always had an entrepreneurial spirit. In addition to being an electrologist, I’ve also created two other small businesses. In 2018, I designed the Paulie Jar , named to honor my inspirational grandmother. The Paulie Jar is a stainless steel, insulated mason jar that is perfect for both food and beverages. My other small business, Art Vibe Nails, was the result of the 2020 lockdown. I was stuck at home and desperate to create something beautiful that brought me joy. I perfected my own process of applying real fluid artwork onto press on nails. They are gorgeous and totally unique. I started making them for just myself and friends, but people loved them so much I now offer them to everyone on Etsy.

I think what makes me a good electrologist is my ability to make people feel at ease in the office. One thing I have learned over the years is that a lot of clients are a bit nervous coming in for the first time. Whether it’s someone who thinks she’s the only woman on the planet with hair on her chest, or a newly transitioning female who is feeling vulnerable. I get it. Dealing with unwanted hair growth can be very difficult. I truly want everyone to feel comfortable with me. Everyone is welcome. I’m here to help.

-Lisa Church LE (she/her)

The Paulie Jar by Lisa Church
Art Vibe Nails by Lisa Church