Esthetic Treatments

Who doesn’t love being pampered with a luxurious facial or a scalp massage? Well we are here to help to make you feel like your best self with our Esthetic Treatments!

Luxurious Spa Massage

Is the massage portion of a facial your favorite part? Then you will love this! We start with a light cleansing of the face followed by a whole lot of facial and scalp massage. Special massage tools and techniques are used to completely relax you as well de-puff the face and tone the muscles. A thorough scalp massage brings blood to the area, strengthening hair follicles. You won’t believe how much tension you carry in your face and scalp. Includes a hand/arm massage, warm towel and eye mask.

Calming Customized-For-You Facial

This facial is totally customized to your specific skin type and desires. It’s an extremely relaxing service which includes a thorough cleansing, warm towels, exfoliation, mask and moisture. The face, scalp, hands and arms are massaged as your stress melts away. Regardless of what your skin concerns are, our high quality ClarityRX skincare products can help. This is truly self-care at its finest!

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